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With all the writing that I do, it’s hard to not sound repetitive.  I’ve only recently started looking back at stories from the last year, and I’m proud that many of them have a different slant on teas, similar teas, and just life in general.  While I do see similarities, every story is different, and […]

The Far Side of the…

When I go back in my history of writing, I’m surprised to see that I’ve only made two posts ever about Harney & Sons.   The two posts I’m alluding to can be found here. Dear friends of mine, whose opinion I value when it comes to tea, always rave about Harney & Sons.   And they […]

Been Too Long

So what does this title mean?  There are teas and brands of teas that crossed my path years ago that I want to get around to talking about. Some of these teas are a bit more higher end than usual so it’s not always accessible. Fortunately for me, the teas don’t always need to be […]