Harney & Such

It’s almost Spring. I feel it took a lot longer to get here than usual.    Finally, the days are getting longer and temperatures are getting higher.   However, while we’re still in the winter I’d like to write about some teas that are custom-made for this season. I throw it back to one of mine (along […]

Add To Wishlist

With all the writing that I do, it’s hard to not sound repetitive.  I’ve only recently started looking back at stories from the last year, and I’m proud that many of them have a different slant on teas, similar teas, and just life in general.  While I do see similarities, every story is different, and […]

The Far Side of the…

When I go back in my history of writing, I’m surprised to see that I’ve only made two posts ever about Harney & Sons.   The two posts I’m alluding to can be found here. Dear friends of mine, whose opinion I value when it comes to tea, always rave about Harney & Sons.   And they […]

Been Too Long

So what does this title mean?  There are teas and brands of teas that crossed my path years ago that I want to get around to talking about. Some of these teas are a bit more higher end than usual so it’s not always accessible. Fortunately for me, the teas don’t always need to be […]