I Love Tea


Tea has been a joy of mine for as long as I can remember.   I have been sitting on blog ideas for years, and this was the original.   Drinking tea is one of my original labors of love.   I am glad to finally put my thoughts to text.    I will be posting all things tea and tea related.   As we approach Christmas, drinking warmer beverages becomes more commonplace.

Tea, along with drinking water, makes me feel good more than any other beverage.  There’s a cleanse and spiritual joy that I get from having a cup.   I feel good just typing these past few sentences.

When I have felt lethargic, a cup of green or white tea, can perk me up instantaneously.

My posts will include reviews of various teas, tea stores, tea shops, and random cups of tea I may buy anywhere.    There is an infinite amount of variations and brands around, that there will be plenty to write about.

The picture above is the cabinet of all the brilliant selections available to me currently.

I will try to get in a couple posts before Christmas.   Just the thought of having a sip around the holidays is making me warm and fuzzy all over.    Let’s enjoy the ride.

Thanks so much.



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