Harris Tea-ter


I know, I was looking for a more captivating title, but the Organic Peppermint Herb Tea from Harris Teeter is anything but.

Maybe it was an off-week, but not every tea I have is going to inspire me and make me throw every superlative in the book at it.  This won’t be that post.

A lot of energy and emotion has been thrown at some of my recent stories that this come-down might be necessary.  I’m just surprised it came from this one.

Dear friends of mine are aware I do this blog and always suggest certain brands and flavors to choose from.  They’ve given me carte blanche to rummage through cupboards and pantries to discover some hidden treasure.

This tea has only one ingredient, organic peppermint. I’m immediately thinking this is going to be one of the more natural and genuine cups I’ll have or something abysmal.  This wasn’t the worst but it’s disappointing.  There’s nothing to it.

I’ve had plenty of store and name-brand teas that have been so memorable that I still think about to this day.  I’m thinking about a few just as I write this now.

Peppermint is a flavor that might only be suited for winter or colder weather months.  I say that if a tea is good, it’s going to work year-round.  And I technically did have this cup right at the change of seasons, and still relatively cooler temperatures.  If a tea is great, it’s going to be taste magnificent any time you have it.

Of course some teas work better during certain months and certain times.   This was just bland and felt soulless.  The peppermint tasted inconsistent.  Sometimes I tasted it more than others.  There was powerful sips and some that tasted like nothing at all. There’s not much more to say.


Well, at least the cookies were good.

I’m a big fan of Harris Teeter, so this will not deter me from trying more.  I just hope future teas won’t be tasting as ordinary as this one.

More times than not, the second or third go around usually meets or surpasses expectations.   I’m confident the same thing will happen here.   And as we approach the warmer months, I’m looking forward to having some more inspirational experiences.

Take good care,



Happy New Year!


It’s the beginning of Spring and that means hope, possibility, and optimism.  A lot of us, including myself, can only take so much winter before our we start losing that hope.  I’m thankful we’ve gotten to this point.

The first day of Spring coincides with Iranian or Persian New Year.  And as much as I don’t bring up my culture, I do like to embrace it. I was born in the states and have spent all of my life here.  So I’m fully ingrained in the USA but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate where I come from.  Plus it’s another reason to get together with family and dear friends.

Fortunately, I got to do just that this past Sunday with my dad.  In previous years I’ve been to various gatherings and events that all culminated with the celebration of New Year, which in Farsi is pronounced Nowruz.

And I’m grateful I get to write about a tea that is only befitting of such a celebration.


The Earl Grey from Shah Abbasi Tea is a masterpiece.  I’ve been sharing cups with my father for quite a number of years now, and it never disappoints.

We’ve had a compilation of teas from Iran and other parts of the Middle East, but this one really clicks.  I have a spiritual and metaphysical connection with this tea.

The Bergamot letels are so powerful that some might be turned off by it.  I love it, and to me it’s just right.    I do believe the company and loving family only seems to heighten the greatness of it.   And that’s makes this experience all the more spiritual.


How about that color?  That’s a tea you can be proud to purchase and proud to drink.  It’s mesmerizing.   They put their heart and soul into crafting this.  I’m yearning for a cup right now.  As a matter of fact, I’m brewing a cup as we speak.

A funny thing of note, my dad did all the infusing so not pictures were taken during that part.  But maybe none were meant to be for this go around.

We were enjoying life and enjoyed some delicious pastries to go with our cups. We do this more than once a year.  It’s more say, once or twice a month, and we can never do it enough.

The company of the people you love should never be taken for granted.  And being with great company should be done as much as humanly possible.  A holiday, a celebration, or a special event are one of the many reasons to get together.  But no reason at all should also be at the top of the list.  However, New Year and the dawn of Spring are special and heartwarming times.

I cannot recommend this tea enough.  It’s artistry at immeasurable levels.  If you can find a package at a local Middle Eastern or International Market, jump on it. There is a lighter version as well, for those who don’t want to all the magic to hit you at once.


Locally, we purchase ours at Gourmet Bazaar in Rockville, MD.

Here is there contact info if you’d like to pursue further.


So for the time being, we enjoyed the view of the various Haft-Seen displays, enjoyed ourselves, and the people we love the most.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, Happy Spring, and the happiest of times ahead.



Saint Patrick’s Situations


Isn’t it funny how I spelled out Saint?  I was going to use the typical shortened version, but I wanted to have a little fun.  That’s where the fun ends. Unfortunately, the two teas I’ll be recapping leave much to be desired. I pride myself on focusing on the positive and it’s easy to find the good in most situations. I’ll attempt to do the same here.


Quite honestly, Bewley’s is a tea I’ve never heard of.   It’s possible I’ve come across their brand in passing at various restaurants and cafes.  But if I had tried a cup, I don’t remember.  That isn’t a knock on them or anyone else by the way. Perhaps until now. There’s a myriad of choices out there.   How can we keep up with them all?   Well that’s part of why my blog was created.    I may not end up having every tea and flavor ever invented.   However, I’m going to enjoy the ride and enjoy as many as I can.

I wish i could say I enjoyed both.   Over the course of two visits to McShane’s in Bel Air, MD, I had the Dublin Morning and Irish Breakfast respectively.   Neither did anything for me.  They both felt flat and uninspired.

With names like that, how can you go wrong?   Well, something did.  I wanted inspirational and uplifting.   I got mediocre and disappointing.

The Dublin Morning packaging evokes thoughts of waking up, ready to make moves, and take the world by storm.  I wish I could say that was the case.  You don’t judge a tea by its name. It just tasted like any ordinary tea you find at a convenient store.  That’s what it felt like.  I did enjoy my blueberry muffin that accompanied my tea.   My pastry was delectable. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to mask the deficiencies of my cup.

Approximately a week later I went back and went with the Irish Breakfast.  Yes, I had a well laid out plan.   I did read some suggestions and milk was recommended.  I prefer my tea with nothing but I went with the next best thing.   The Irish Oatmeal was mesmerizing. I’m salivating at the thought of it now.   I requested walnuts and cranberries to add some flavor that tea was not offering.   This did the job.  But a tea with power and stellar flavor wouldn’t need outside forces to make it drinkable.   The site mentions a blend of Assam and Darjeeling teas.  I got nothing of the sort.  I really wanted more and I’m genuinely dejected.

I might be sounding dramatic, but I take joy in finding great teas.  These two helpings were paint-by-numbers and nothing else.   However, I’ve now been encouraged to try other Irish-themed teas.  And I don’t mean just for today, the holidays, or any specific day.  I look forward to trying out some new brands of teas from companies I’ve never heard of. This has opened my eyes and opened some doors.

If you’re interested in buying their teas, go to this link.  I may try some more myself.  A couple of bad ones will not dissuade me from rejecting the whole lot. Hopefully you will find some gems.

For last year’s post, for the happy holidays, you can go here.

Have a safe and blessed St. (see what I did) Patrick’s Day.  Many of us will be drinking a cold one or two.  Maybe a warm one will do wonders as well.

Take good care,


Happy Early Spring


This post, along with this weather, is necessary.

I haven’t been at my best this winter.  I think the same goes for some of my peers.   And then there’s folks who loved it.  I wasn’t one of them.   There is so much good about every season.  But this one was a bit tougher for me.  I can’t pinpoint just one thing.

However, the shorter days and gloomier skies didn’t help.   Thankfully that’s about to come to an end.

All stresses and headaches go away when you spend time with the people you care about.  I got to do that recently.

I’m grateful to be friends with people from all walks of life.   And a couple of weeks back, I was lucky to pay a visit to one of those dear friends.    With great friends comes great generosity.  Immediately upon arrival I was greeted with open arms and offered an assortment of teas.


This time I went with a brand I’ve rarely had.   I had the privilege of sampling the Rasberry Flavor Black Tea from Barrington.   It was perfect for the occasion and symbolic of the fun that the Spring and Summer months will bring.

It’s by no means the greatest tea I’ve ever had, but it worked perfectly here.  It settled my stomach (which has been bothering me most of the winter) and relaxed me.   The whole point of tea is to enjoy it in peace.  I’ve had plenty of cups in solitude but at this moment, it was perfect to have some great company.   It was in perfect alignment with how the season is transforming.


For me this cup was representative of feeling good and healing.   It’s an analogy and a metaphor.   It’s also a time for hope and prosperity.  That’s what Spring means to me.


That’s it for the emotional and sappy commentary.   Did I mention I had a delicious pie?  The picture says more than I ever could.  The polarity between my cup and the dessert makes me laugh.   They complemented each other well and that’s all that matters. The tea steeped fast and radiated a reddish Raspberry tone that soothed me to my core. My pie (and the fruits that encompass it) were the perfect comfort food.   In times of healing and restoration, everything we do counts.  And that includes what we choose to feed ourselves.

I will end the introspection for now and suggest you get some of their teas.  I’ve seen it sold in multiple retailers and grocery stores.

Here’s their contact info if you have further questions.

I write this with a feeling of ease and contentment.  I believe more amazing teas and experiences are going to ensue as it gets warmer.  I’m exhilarated.

All The Best,




Harney & Such


It’s almost Spring. I feel it took a lot longer to get here than usual.    Finally, the days are getting longer and temperatures are getting higher.   However, while we’re still in the winter I’d like to write about some teas that are custom-made for this season.

I throw it back to one of mine (along with many others) favorites, Harney & Sons. Their hot cinnamon spice is one of their most popular and beloved flavors.  I can understand why.  This one hits the spot in a multitude of ways.

Most importantly, the health benefits of cinnamon have been documented.  And there’s so much to celebrate.

Secondly, it just tastes good.  Yet I wonder if the artificial flavors are what’s adding to the amazing taste.  Was it necessary?  I’m questioning out of curiosity.   I expect this to be stellar with our without the additives.   The orange and especially the cloves add a lot to an already masterful tea.

I got the largest cup I could, so I could savor each sip by the moment.  And I took my time.   Because cinnamon is so flavorful I felt one bag was enough.  That’s how I took my  tea initially.   Yet I can’t help myself.   Common sense dictates the largest size gets you double.  So I threw in the second and felt like I got hit with a bomb.  It opened up some tastes buds and senses that may not always get exposure.

This is where the artificial flavors might be justified.  A major positive is there are no sugars.   I purposely waited till later in this post to mention that.  I wasn’t trying to be ironic.

I’ve always preferred my teas with nothing added unless it’s natural.   For me, the whole point of drinking tea has been to enjoy it with nothing else thrown it to undermine its health benefits.    Yet throwing some cinnamon, honey, or other natural joys is something I’ve down from time-to-time.

I’m grateful to try a tea that has already included the appropriate additions like so many of the tremendous brands do.


I enjoyed my cup with a not-so-healthy bagel sandwich.  Well it was a power sandwich. Since my sandwich was loaded with vegetables, and my favorite pesto spread. I tell myself everything is fine.  It’s still winter so I still love my comfort food.  Who am I kidding? Comfort is a year-round thing.


It’s nowhere near as bad as ordering a super-sized meal with a diet cola.  Well that’s how I justify it.  Whoops.

I think I’m as crazy as this winter has been.  It’s a year with a leap month, so the goofiness ensued.  Another reason I’m thankful Spring is coming.  It’s been a season to remember but I’m ready for some sunnier skies and enjoyable outdoor activities.

The teas will represent the changes in weather and the lifting of our spirits.

For more on this amazing company, here is my inaugural recap.

Along with their site, you can go to these familiar links to procure their teas.

Happy first day of meteorological spring!