A Cup of Joy

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We didn’t have a White Christmas in Maryland, but I did have a White Christmas!  Tea that is!

I have always liked Stash’s creativity and array of selections.  In my opinion, this is one of the more charming ones.   With all the brands available on the market, I feel that they are one of the more underrated and sometimes overlooked choices.

The sentimental packaging sold me on the tea alone.  What better way to champion the season.  My spirits have been lifted just by the happy little snowman looking at peace.

I wish I started this blog a month or so early, as I would have reviewed as many of the winter flavors as I could.   I have a few months, so I am going to do that, at a comfortable pace of course.

This delightful blend consists of peppermint, white tea, and ginger.  For those who have overindulged the past few weeks, like I have, this is the perfect combination to settle the stomach and to relax you.    It’s a comfort tea, in every sense of the word!

The suggestion of adding a little honey or sugar sounds great, but for this tasting, I chose to drink it with nothing added.  I prefer drinking almost all of my teas the same way.

As you will see, I enjoyed it in an adorable looking holiday themed mug.  I strongly recommend this tea for enjoying, for the next few months.  I will enjoy with chocolates, cookies, baklavas, and other pastries.

I hope you all have been enjoying your holiday the same; with good family, friends, foods, and beverages.   More to come pals.

Thanks so much and keep enjoying your holidays.



3 thoughts on “A Cup of Joy

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