Tazo – Always A Friend


Since I have become a bigger tea drinker over the last 10 years or so, Tazo, was one of the first brands I really got into.   It’s served in many coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels.  So it’s hard to miss.    And just because it’s ubiquitous, doesn’t mean it isn’t good.  Quite the contrary.

What is great about all these tea companies is, they all don’t share the same exact flavors.  And Tazo is no exception.

Tonight I pulled out the China Green Tips.  It has been one of my favorite and staples for years.    It had been so long since I had a cup of this flavor, that it was in their old packaging.   It doesn’t mean the quality has eroded.   It still has that smokey, bitter taste, that I adore.

I don’t go on their website quite enough.  And do they throw some fun information at you.

There is only one ingredient listed for this tea and it’s the tea itself.  How great is that?  No bells.  No whistles.  No nonsense.   And the additional information about suggested best brewing temperatures, scenarios, and caffeine levels are endearing.  It makes me want to learn more.

Pictured above is one of my favorite tea mugs to go with one of my favorite teas.  No accident that it’s green. Having a nice drinking mug goes a long way with enjoying your favorite cup of hot goodness.

There will more to come with Tazo as we have only just begun to scratch the surface.  I have been a fan of a plethora of their selections for a long time.  And they got some amazing ones.

More to come….

Thanks so much.



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