Two Leaves, Two Teas – Part 2

I hope you all had a tremendous holiday weekend. As in Part 1, I had the joy of sampling some new teas from Two Leaves and a Bud.

So I raved about the Peppermint and Chamomile, which was deserved praise.   How were the latter two in comparison? And away we go.


First up is the Organic Earl Grey.  As I’ve stated before, this was one of the first types of tea I was introduced to, by my dad, many years ago.   The smell and the taste always brings good memories of when I was a kid.   How does this one stack up?   Well the smell has a little more potency than other similar Earl’s that I’m used to.  But that’s a good thing.


The Bergamot that is used to flavor this tea, really resonates.  And like I stated last week, the color really showed through in rapid fire fashion. After just a few seconds of steeping, the tea was ready. Of the many fine Early Grey teas I’ve had before, this is up near the top.  And once again, I think you could get multiple cups, without it losing it’s flavor.   And with a moderate level of caffeine, it was just the right amount to keep me awake and get my day going.  What a great tea this was.


And finally, we have the Organic Assam Tea.   This is their take on Black or English Breakfast Tea.  But per their description, it’s more than just that.   In further reading, I see this is the CEO’s labor of love and the tea that’s had the most work and time spent on.  I can see why. Many teas I’ve had in the morning, similar to this, are purposeful but really don’t stand out. This has a lot of character to it. A lot of soul was put into this.  And the flavor, for me, has just a tiny hint of bitterness, which I would love in more teas.  It’s not a taste I’m used to. But believe me, I could get used to it.

Now I have to go back and try my other similar teas, to see if they’re missing something.   And the color is a little lighter than the Earl Grey, but again, has the right amount of caffeine, as to not get too jittery. And again, the steeping took no time at all.


I had both cups at night with a slice of apple pie and some shortbread cookies!

With this past weekend being a holiday, the mugs reflect places where folks may have visited.

This might be the last I talk about Two Leaves for a while.  I wish it wasn’t.   But I hope I’ve given them the deserved praise. They have so many kinds I want to try now.  And I will.  If I need to order online or track it down at a local shop, I will do so.

In the meantime, I will enjoy my samples and look forward to an amazing Summer of wonderful tea drinking.

Thanks so much.



One thought on “Two Leaves, Two Teas – Part 2

  1. Glad I found your blog! Tea is definitely a passion of mine. When I first saw this yesterday I was actually sipping on a very delicious Tea Leaves green tea.


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