Father’s Day Special


I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day. This post is a tribute to my dad and one of his favorite teas.  As I’ve stated before, he’s the main reason I have a passion for all things tea.


Ahmad Tea is a very popular tea all over the world and for good reason.  They have a multitude of varieties and flavors. It’s too much to process quite honestly.    There’s so many that I could do a separate blog on just them.  There’s also so many that they have a separate USA website.

Over many visits with my pops, we’ve indulged on many a tea and many a flavor.  In particular the Ceylon Tea has been the drink of choice.  And it’s got some pop.  Pun intended.

There’s another layer to this.  As you can read, the Ceylon comes in three grades, in loose and bagged format.

This package contained the red band.  If you look closely, you can see the orange tint in the leaves.   I think that’s a nice touch.   It adds a little flavor aroma that makes this tea go down smooth, with a little bitter taste at the end.  But I think it’s just right.

For more on their story you can click on this link.   What always makes me feel good is reading about the charities these tea companies are actively involved in.  It makes me want to do more and play my part.  And it feels great to support them.


We enjoyed our feast with some delicious Iranian food.  We had some ghormeh sabzi, which is a traditional dish from our country. And we finished it off with some incredible pasties, which included baklava and other charming sweets!


In honor of him and the holiday, I treated myself to another cup.  My dad, having the sense of humor that he has, packed me some tea in a medicine bottle.   I appreciate the recycling and comical aspect of it all.


Back by popular demand, the Tovolo is back! For the inaugural post on this thing of beauty, click here.

As always, I love the prepping, infusing, and steeping process.  So the photos of this journey are shown below.  Can you see the orange and red leaves in the infuser? Magnificent!



If you look close at the picture below, you can see a bubble on the left hand side.  That sequence was going on for a few minutes. Very cool.


And how great is that color?  The red-orange hue really shows.  That’s a work of art right there.


I enjoyed this masterful beverage with one of my dad’s favorite treats, dried figs.


I can’t wait to enjoy another cup and meal with you again.  Here’s to you pop!



One thought on “Father’s Day Special

  1. Hello! I wanted to drop a few lines to thank you for the like, and express my joy over your tea blog! Enchanting! I very much enjoyed reading. More, please, and thank you! Pinkies up – Cree MH


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