Sweet Lemon


Bigelow Tea really came through in a big way when they didn’t have to.

Two weeks ago I gave a negative review of their Lemon Lift Black Tea and they responded immediately to my post.

A fruitful and spirited discussion with Kathy, the Consumer Service Supervisor, ensued.   I was grateful that my post was read and responded to in kind.   The conversation was fantastic.  And they promised to send me a couple of teas and I just knew I had to review one of them.

Lemon Lift was sent to me, maybe for another review.  I will get to that again. But they went above and beyond to send me the I Love Lemon.  This is going to be the dichotomy of two weeks ago.  It’s a complete reversal of fortunes if you will.

The benefits of lemon are unlimited.  And this tea is an all encompassing melange of all that and then some.  I’ve had some minor health issues recently and tea has always been my vice, in this situation, or previously.  It could be the change in season, my sometimes questionable eating habits, or a lack of rest.  But a comforting tea, herbal or caffeinated, at least has been a temporary relief.

How about the clearness in my cup.  No residue or foam to be found.  This is intriguing per my previous post.

I Love Lemon is more than just a temporary relief.  It won me over instantly.   I’ll be honest here.  I’ve had this tea on more than one occasion.  Sadly I think it’s just been a cup in my repertoire like any other.  The more tea you have.  The more you might forget about some of the brands that hit a nerve.  Maybe I’ve just taken some of these for granted.


Lemongrass and other lemon-like flavors merge together harmoniously.  And that lingering finish is permeating.  It’s on my tongue now and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.   I don’t want it to.

The tannin level for me is high.  Just as the feeling may persist after a glass of wine, it resonates here.  This is fantastic.

Is it because Bigelow sent me a package that I’m fawning over this?  That’s a possibility. But good tea is good tea.  It’s one of the better ones I’ve had and reminds me why they’re such a great company.    My respect for them has grown exponentially.

Since their is a bitter taste to the tea, a more fruity and sweet treat is meant to join my cup.  So how about a raspberry danish?   This was the polarity and contrast I was looking for.  Maybe I wasn’t looking for it.  But it’s a winner.


The positive energy that exuded from the letter and complimentary teas speaks volumes. I’m grateful for the opportunity.  I’m also grateful that they thought this much of me to send me a care package.    The letter I received is too good to share.  It’s one of those things I rather keep to myself and within the universe.

Bigelow Tea, until we chat again, thank you.



11 thoughts on “Sweet Lemon

  1. What an excellent company and very much in the spirit of tea-lovers, I would say. It is always heartening to see a company care so much about their customers. I hope to try their tea very soon! (The raspberry danish looks super, by the way.)

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  2. Bigelow Teas are very good at responding to good or bad; perhaps this is what sets them apart in that they take the good and the bad. I was happy to visit their T-bar mobile van when it was in Massachusetts some years earlier at one of several Whole Foods stores in Cambridge. I received coupons to purchase their teas but I ended up purchasing some Rishi Matcha tea instead. I like this review of Lemon flavored tea as I was pondering earlier to open my box of Stash’s Lemon Zinger; I have yet to decide. No matter, enjoy your many blessings, and Good day.

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  3. I saw that post. I was surprised because Lemon Lift is my go-to tea. However, I only buy it at places like Target and Wal-mart because it is more expensive in the grocery stores for some reason. Also, it is not always available when I want it in Target and Wal-mart. The decaf is always there, but who want de-caf honestly. It’s nice that the company responded to you. Sounds like they are serious about tea, and judging by their post mark they live around my neck of the woods. Your pastry looks yummy.

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  4. Reblogged this on Purple Silky Kisses and commented:
    I’ve always had a thing for green tea, not sure but I love the taste, whether it’s hot or cold. After reading an article on weight loss, I tried Tazo’s Green Ginger Tea, and have been buying and drinking that ever since. I’ve tried Bigelow Brands and they too are delicious-thanksI Love Tea for the share. LP

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