May I Have Another?


I have never loved coffee.  If I did even just a little, or cared enough to blog about it, then I would.  But unfortunately it’s a necessary evil that I allowed to be a part of my life. I do enjoy a cup periodically, either just black or with some flavored creamer, but most times I wish I never had my first. Now I feel like I’m stuck.

This is not meant as a propaganda piece or to tell you what to drink or not to drink.  For many, it’s a passion and a hobby.  For others it’s just a part of every day life.  It’s funny to think about how I got introduced.  I don’t remember.  I bet the vast majority don’t know either.

Tea (for me) on other hand is a gift from something bigger than us.  There’s universal, cosmic, and metaphysical forces at play here.   Am I sounding a bit to deep and existential here?  Good.


And this past weekend another force or maybe just me feeling adventurous, brings me to one of my most favorite towns, Annapolis, MD, and even more specifically, 49 West Coffeehouse, Winebar, and Gallery.  That sounds like the best trios ever.

So what on earth does any of this have to with tea?   I had no preconceived notions about this place.  I’ve only driven by a plethora of times and never thought to stop in.  That’s my fault.  For this is the place I will forever remember that I discovered, Cacao Tea.

Again, as I have reiterated in the past, maybe I had it once and either didn’t internalize it at the time or quite simply, I took it for granted. My hunch tells me this is a first and I’m sticking with that (for now).

When I go in anywhere for the first time it’s exciting, tranquil, never-racking, and subdued all at once.  Yes those are oxymorons.   Here if anything I felt awkward and I had no reason to be.

Remember, I had no idea what I was getting into and thankfully the first person that exchanged greetings with me was the live musician.   They have live acoustic sessions on a regular basis and that’s awesome.

Honestly, I felt like I was inside a painting.  Annapolis has its stigmas or those aforementioned preconceived notions about being too stuffy and territorial.  I didn’t notice any of that here.  The staff was the complete opposite.  I got more the sense of free-spirits and down-to-earth folks just earning and a living and having fun while doing it.  If any of the patrons were snooty, I tuned them out or was oblivious.  If anything, maybe I was the stuffy one?  Catch my drift?


I’m not big on a hearty brunch.  My stomach can only handle so much.  I usually prefer lighter fare in the morning.  So whenever I see oatmeal on a menu, I like to go with that and I did.   This is where I could have paralyzed myself with all the selections of loose tea.


There was one I was going to go with and I’m glad I didn’t.  Cacao stuck out like a pot-of-gold and was begging me to order it.   I’m fortunate I did.

My oatmeal with blueberries was healthy and not too filling.  The bowl was just the right size.  A little on the petite side was what the doctor ordered.   But this tea took a while to hook me.  But that’s how you know it’s legit, it’s healthy, and it’s fabulous.

It’s a healthy alternative which never should have been.  This is one of the originators.  I adore that word.

I let that infuser steep and steep like there was no tomorrow.  My brain has been used to artificial sweeteners that I didn’t fully appreciate what I was drinking until halfway through my first round.  The cocoa is subtle yet noticeable at the same time, that it’s the perfect understated tea.


Rejuvenation, concentration, and healing come to mind when sipping on this tea.  Can you ever have enough?  Even when things are going great, I could use another dosage.  That came in the form of a to-go cup.  My world-class server was awesome enough to hook me up with one for the road.


The genuine state of feeling good didn’t really hit me till I departed.   It’s one of those short stints that I will love even more with time.  It’s one of those memories I wanted to keep internal but for the sake of the tea and the blog, I felt it was appropriate to share. With that said, I almost feel like the next time I have this treasure, it will feel like a letdown, or maybe it will be an equally amazing experience.  And maybe the next time I’m at this wonderful place, I’ll write attract something else extraordinary.   They do have wine.  Yes, wine!

Maybe I’ll let you know about next time.

Stay healed,



6 thoughts on “May I Have Another?

  1. Comparto también lo de la avena, me gusta y es la “Reyna” de los cereales.Aprte del Té, también tomo café, dado que yo siempre tengo la tensión baja, y necesito ese “toque” para estar en forma, aparte de correr 20 Km, dos veces en semana, y me baño en el Mar, TODO el año .Salu2

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