Summer Moves Fast


The thoughts, ideas, and inspirations come to you when you’re not thinking about it. It’s safe to say that I love tea.  Heck that’s the name of my blog.   But there are weeks where I’ would over-analyze and agonize on what to write about.  If that’s the case then my writing will suffer and the readers will do the same.

So where is this going?  I’m writing this on what is officially the longest day of the year. It’s the first day of Summer and and I want to enjoy every moment.  It’s also a full moon and the further we get from that the better.  It’s quite the conundrum.

Fortunately this files under the positvity and beauty of Summer.  And last week I found myself in a picturesque setting at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  I promise I’ll get to the tea in a moment.


Ok so that moment has arrived.  I hope you understand what I did there.

After appreciating the beauty of the outside, I realized a I needed a refreshing cold beverage, like a water or much worse a smoothie.   I enter the cafe and the first thing i see are the Mighty Leaf iced tea displays.  I had to do a double, maybe even triple take.   And even better was one of the teas is Summer Solstice. Pretty obvious where this is going.


At the time I poured myself a cup and started sipping I wasn’t concerned about the ingredients, brew time, or anything else in the description, I just had the belief and hope it was going to taste good.

Well I didn’t taste much of anything.   It’s unsweetened iced tea, it’s not going to be very exciting.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t refreshing.  On a 90 degree day just about anything chilled will be passable at worst.  I’d peg this somewhere in the middle, nothing terrible, but nothing exciting.  And based on a previous post, that was my expectation.  But I still  wanted to love it.  Anything connected to Summer I want to be memorable, passionate, and full of inspiration.

What was inspirational was the view and the tranquility of just sitting outside.   Not all my time was spent taking photographs.  I took just a few, and just enough for storage and the rest of the time I sat and meditated on the beauty  that was all around me.


This is only the beginning.   Summer is just getting started and we need to appreciate every single moment we have of it, because it’s fleeting.  Time is relative but it also feels so much faster when we’re enjoying ourselves, our surroundings, and each other.

My intent is to enjoy every moment with myself, people I love, and hopefully a rejuvenating cup of tea from time to time.

This cup didn’t have to be amazing (well the fruit cup was not too shabby_ and for this day it didn’t have to be.  The rest of my situation was just right.   And I hope to make more internal memories from this.  For completist sake, I will seek out the Pomegranate Berry.


So while we have this time to enjoy the outdoors.  Make the most of it that you can. I intend to practice what I preach, and hopefully some fun teas will make their way on to hear over the course of this return journey into sunny paradise.

For more on Mighty Leaf, locate a store, or to make a purchase go here.

For more fun tea stories, check back again soon!





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