Hi Bear


This blog will not be renamed Trader Joe’s Is Fun.   Even though it is and a lot of my tea parties (here they are) have been based on their ever-growing selection of fun teas and related items.    This one I didn’t mean to hold off on this long, but I figure if I didn’t review the Chocolate Mint Black Tea now, then time would be running around, and it may not make sense until next year.


Even with February being the shortest month, I’m grateful to be getting this post in before Spring rears its beautiful head.


If you noticed last week, I even teased it in a photo, without writing about it.  It’s those little Easter Eggs I like to throw in now and again.  Yes,  I did intentionally say Easter.  I intentionally have green and other brighter colors this week.

Along with this tea, this is also about the transition of seasons.  It’s a quick turnaround from Valentine’s to St. Patrick’s to Easter.  And leave it to me to talk about a tea that was custom made for the holidays.  Yes, those holidays in November and December that seem so long ago.


How did I overlook this one?  Well as of last week their still in stores and I understand why. The theme of green works for March, works for Spring, but works universally.  There’s something about it I’ve grown so partial to.  And it’s not just about Christmas Trees.  Well it does have to do with nature.  Green just reminds me of what is good and what is harmonious.   I think it’s the bear too.  I  think he looks so happy drinking that tea that I wanted to share in that happiness with him.

Wait, who are these guys?  More on them later!


Maybe it was the beautiful sweater?

And I had to bring back one of my favorite drinking cups ever.  I think it showed up once before here.


As much as this tea showed potential, I think it only truly works during the winter time. This is another reason why I snuck this in now.  If you have this on a warmer day, it just doesn’t feel right.  I’m not one to preach but I hope that makes sense.  We seem comfort when it’s cold.  We want out blankets, our layers, our fun ways we put on scarves, and our beautiful (no not ugly) sweaters, and we want out warm soothing beverages with chocolate.   For the cold (which it is as I write this) this tea is a great complement.

But I don’t think this is a groundbreaking tea.  I think it’s fine but I wasn’t wowed, and I didn’t think it was anything out-of-this-world either.  There’s something missing.  The flavors are fine.  Maybe it’s the spearmint and peppermint that don’t quite click with the chocolate.   That’s possible.  I love that it’s all natural.  Well I hope it is.  But something is missing.  Maybe because the holidays are over, and that warm and fuzzy feeling of happiness has since moved on.   I think many are going to love it, but I will need to give this a few more tries, and especially during December to see if my psychology will be different.  Something tells me it will.


The price is only $2.49, so it’s more than worth giving a shot.  And makes a great gift all the year round to yourself or to the fellow tea lover in your life.   Yes I gotta get all the holiday shout outs while I can.

However, chocolate never gets old and a chocolate tea means a pairing with some ye olde holiday candies I broke out for this celebration.    An speaking of which…

I’m all for celebrating different holidays and as you can see  I have some new animal friends that are here to do the same.


A bear dressed as a chicken?  Well yea.  If the one on the box can pull off that sweater, one can do anything.  I believe my other friend is ready a little sooner for a little greener celebration.  Hopefully that means some more (green?) tea options, along with some other exciting thing to come.

Happy umm Holidays!  Yeah!






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