Pick A Tea, Any Tea…


Wish all the teas out there in the world, and in the universe, I question to myself why I don’t write about a different tea or brand, every week, or more often than that. There’s so much left to be written about.  And I could say, I’ll get to it or when I get around to it, but there’s no guarantee.  Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  And as much as I like to diversify, sometimes it’s important to talk about what brought me here or what’s been sentimental to my life.


Which brings me back to Baltimore Coffee and Tea.   My history can be found here.  While some things remain constant, the location changes.  And a serendipitous discovery of their new Hanover, MD location, brought a smile to my face upon finding this gem.

Here is their tea collection, which is available for purchase online, and their list of stores. 

Now was it a gem, or am I just happy to be and go somewhere new?  Well yes.


And while the surrounding area leaves much to be desired, as it’s pretty corporate, vacant, and transparent; the coffee shop itself is a little oasis within all the nonsense.  And that actually makes this store all that more important.


The interior is fresh, new, and there’s a good aura.  So thing are looking promising.  What makes this place so endearing is they always have random packs of tea on display for steeping.  And you can open up any box you want, if you’re curious of a trying a tea in house, as opposed to taking a whole package home.  It’s the little things, that are much bigger in the long term, and make me and so many others want come back.

I also just think it’s a cool thing to do and I’m grateful they offer any tea to try.   It opens up the possibilities.


This is where I should take more advantage of my opportunities.  But for some reason, another familiar face is my go to when I’m here.   What can I say, I’m loyal to the Eastern Shore Tea Company, which is the most prominent tea on display for trying a cup versus taking a whole box home.


The African Red Bush and Lemongrass is the first tea I noticed, so instead of overthinking and wondering if I should try something else (and then 20 minutes later, still not make up my mind), I went with my first instinct.

And this is a great tea.  I had a small table off to the side to steep my bag, and enjoy the view.   As you can see the view is heavenly.  All those amazing teas that I hope to try, have tried, and will try down the line.   There’s plenty of time.  Let’s see if I can get to them all.


The blend of Rooibos and Organic Lemongrass is the calming aid that was welcome.  I don’t recall in a state of chaos or feeling busy that day.  But anything that enhances, enables, and enriches peace is always a blessing.  This is what this tea did.


Now that muffin wasn’t anything special, but I won’t hold that against them.  It’s about the tea, the experience, and all those little things I referenced earlier.


This is a well crafted and designed tea.  No it’s not the best ever, but they’re all not going to be.  But I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the beautiful day, and felt gratitude being in a new location with new surroundings.


As the weather improves, you know there will be more of the iced tea discussion, but I’m grateful for hopefully a couple more months of the hot stuff.  Because that’s the stuff that made me a fan of tea to begin with.


Have a blessed one.



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