Pineapple Pals


I had no idea what I was going to write about this week.  And while canvassing the town for a tea to purchase, I caught up with an old friend.  I caught up with familiar face.  I believe it’s someone one we all know well.

I was going to write about Lipton eventually.  It was inevitable.  And I’m glad I chose this time and the heart of the Spring season for my first.

Lipton is one of the first teas I ever had.  I think it’s safe to say that applies to a lot of us.  At one time, many restaurants or convenient stores, only carried the old school black teas from them. If you wanted coffee, there were more options.  But if you wanted tea, it was usually that one or nothing at all.

It’s a different time and more folks are drinking tea than ever before.  And the flavors and creativity are off the charts.  So when I took a drive to find some cool teas, I discovered the Pineapple Chamomile.  And it’s very good.   And Lipton, along with any other companies, have really kept up with the times.

I had no expectations going in. And I am pleasantly surprised. For a warm weather tea, this is perfect.

I’m updating this post, for the morning after.  I had some of the best sleep I’ve had in some time. And I have more energy today than usual.  This tea has something special going for it.

Chamomile is a flavor that took a while for me to enjoy.  Now it’s a tea I actively look for when I’m at my nearby market or tea shoppe.   I’m happy this is my first review of said herb.


The pineapple and chamomile flavors are both detected immediately.  And the aromas are fantastic.  Some of the other ingredients seem like great complements, but I may have only gotten a smidgen of those.  That doesn’t take away from the fun of this tea.  I think serving this cold during these happy months is ideal.


And how cool is the pyramid-shaped tea bag?  More tea companies are amping up their creativity, not only with their flavors, but with their presentation.



I found a Hard Rock cafe mug that matches the beautiful color of the tea.   The golden pineapple color really is a charmer. I’m enjoying mine with some mini oatmeal cookies.

As I write this I’m liking this tea more and more. Lipton really brought something refreshing here.  And in checking out their wide array of flavors, I will be reviewing a new one very soon.  Yum!

Thanks so much.



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