Pineapple Pals


I had no idea what I was going to write about this week.  And while canvassing the town for a tea to purchase, I caught up with an old friend.  I caught up with familiar face.  I believe it’s someone one we all know well.

I was going to write about Lipton eventually.  It was inevitable.  And I’m glad I chose this time and the heart of the Spring season for my first.

Lipton is one of the first teas I ever had.  I think it’s safe to say that applies to a lot of us.  At one time, many restaurants or convenient stores, only carried the old school black teas from them. If you wanted coffee, there were more options.  But if you wanted tea, it was usually that one or nothing at all.

It’s a different time and more folks are drinking tea than ever before.  And the flavors and creativity are off the charts.  So when I took a drive to find some cool teas, I discovered the Pineapple Chamomile.  And it’s very good.   And Lipton, along with any other companies, have really kept up with the times.

I had no expectations going in. And I am pleasantly surprised. For a warm weather tea, this is perfect.

I’m updating this post, for the morning after.  I had some of the best sleep I’ve had in some time. And I have more energy today than usual.  This tea has something special going for it.

Chamomile is a flavor that took a while for me to enjoy.  Now it’s a tea I actively look for when I’m at my nearby market or tea shoppe.   I’m happy this is my first review of said herb.


The pineapple and chamomile flavors are both detected immediately.  And the aromas are fantastic.  Some of the other ingredients seem like great complements, but I may have only gotten a smidgen of those.  That doesn’t take away from the fun of this tea.  I think serving this cold during these happy months is ideal.


And how cool is the pyramid-shaped tea bag?  More tea companies are amping up their creativity, not only with their flavors, but with their presentation.



I found a Hard Rock cafe mug that matches the beautiful color of the tea.   The golden pineapple color really is a charmer. I’m enjoying mine with some mini oatmeal cookies.

As I write this I’m liking this tea more and more. Lipton really brought something refreshing here.  And in checking out their wide array of flavors, I will be reviewing a new one very soon.  Yum!

Thanks so much.



From Baltimore to Annapolis


There is so much good about where we live and so much more to explore.  Sometimes we find ourselves in places, either because of planning, or, because of happenstance.   And just maybe, the serendipitous happens.

I have a plethora of tea related things I want to talk about, but I have called an audible.   And I’m happy with my decision.

I always love driving toAnnapolis.   It’s a place I don’t visit enough.  And because of that, places, foods, and things all seem fresh to me.

And I keep discovering new things!   I knew there was a Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co. location in the area.  But I wasn’t sure precisely where.   And without looking, it just appears to me in all its beauty. Life is good like that sometimes.   And I wasn’t even trying to find it.

I walked in and had no idea what tea I wanted. I just asked the friendly face at the counter, what were the teas to choose from, and she asked me to turn around.   And what a beautiful display to choose from.  She just handed me my cup of hot water and I was left to go on an adventure and discover.


As you can see, there was a copious amount to choose from.   I wanted to stay local, so I saw the Eastern Shore Tea Co. stash, mixed in with everything else.  Maybe I pulled a rabbit out of a hat, because I landed on the Celebration Tea.  How fitting.  There is much to celebrate being in the great state of Maryland.  And there is much to be proud of being a part of the Baltimore and Annapolis areas.


What really stands out is the powerful fruits. The trifecta of Passionfruit, Mango, and Starfruit really pack an amazing punch.  It’s a melange of what celebration is all about.   Throw in the Hibiscus and Roses, and everything about this screams joy, peace, love, happiness, and everything that’s right with the world.  This can be served chill for outdoor parties and complement various snacks and meals.   I enjoyed it boiling, but can’t wait to try it cold when the weather really shines through.


If you would like to read a previous recap from this amazing company, click here.

I could have stayed at this shoppe for a while. Not only do they have tea, but plenty of coffee, and some charming gifts. These pictures are only just the beginning.  If I could try all these teas, I would.  And in time, I will.

The staff was incredibly friendly and that set the tone for the great energy inside the store.  What else can you ask for?



The sun may not have been shining today but its only April.  We’re going to be blessed with many beautiful days.  I’m excited for the Summer, but one day at a time.  I will enjoy Spring, I will enjoy Maryland, and I will enjoy Baltimore.

All the Best.



My Maryland


I’ve been meaning to write about Baltimore Coffee And Tea Company for a very long time.  I am grateful to have the opportunity now.   If you’ve ever been there, you know it’s a happy place, with a welcoming aura, and a great energy.

In a future post, I will talk about the Timonium location and all the fun that takes place there.   They have four stores,  but I will start with where’s closest.

What you see at the top of this post, is the Maryland Tea Sampler via the Eastern Shore Tea Company, and how awesome is that packaging?  I wish I could write about all of them, but as seeing I’ve only had one thus far.  One (or two) at a time folks.

Here’s the back, with the basic ingredients listed, and other fun information :


What I sampled as the Canton Spice, and on a cold evening such as last night, it was the perfect remedy.   And everything about the wrapping is beautiful :


Even though Spring is around the corner, it’s nice to enjoy a tea that warms me up in another way.   And with the combination of cinnamon, ginger, clove, lemon added to the black tea, it represents everything that is good in the world.   I would recommend this to anyone.  Based on the flavors, it can be drank at all times of the year.  I enjoyed it with a few dark chocolates.


If you look closely, you can see the steam rising above.  Wonderful stuff.

Now there is one last ingredient I wanted to list separately.  I had never heard of Star Anise, until I looked at this package. I have included some links, to help you and I.  This will be an ongoing learning process, which is a good thing.

I could dedicate an entire blog to the store itself, and there will be many posts coming about their many choices, as they have an incredible selection.

I have always been a supporter of local establishments and what better representative can you have then Baltimore Coffee & Tea.

When you combine the joy of tea drinking to the joys of supporting local shoppes, it’s a win-win for everyone.   To be continued. And soon.

Thanks so much.