Ginger Chai Commotion

Yeah that title makes no sense.  There isn’t commotion other than maybe Chai isn’t for me.

We continue the holiday teas with a brand I have never reviewed.


I introduce to you the Gingerbread Chai fom Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.    I’ll admit the label sold me.  He looks so happy and that makes me happy too! These are the images that many of us like to see during the holidays and year round for that matter.


I thought it was good.  Yet it took a while to get going.   I think I’ve spoiled my whole life expecting so many teas to knock my socks off.  This didn’t happen.   The ingredients that you see listed above were not easy for me to detect.   I just feel like everything clashed and got lost in the shuffle

I love cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.   Nothing stood out. Even licorice,which I shudder to think about, wasn’t on my radar.  So what’s wrong here?   Maybe too much of a good thing?  Or in this instance, too many things.

I did finish my tea at my usual pace. What I wrote above made it sound so terrible but it’s really not.  It’s just not inspiring.   It’s a decent cup made with great flavors that should have come out better.   And just because I didn’t love doesn’t mean you’ll have the same response.

There were times when I got a kick at the end, or the finish.  But it wasn’t consistent.

It smelled great when I opened the package and throughout the steeping process the aromas were growing by the second.  It just didn’t transfer over during the actual sipping experience.

I’m not sure but this might be the first time this mug has been used during my writing so that’s a bit exciting right?  Yessir…


I had my cup with some holiday themed cookies, including some gingerbread shaped treats, which did make the experience all that much better.


As you see, the Santa plate has made its auspicious return from last week.

When reading about Zhena’s story and their good intentions, it only makes me want to try more of their abundance of selections.  And that will come.

I will be getting around to a couple of their Glass Jars in the next month or so, if not sooner.   They have so many flavors that are outside the normal parameters of what many of us have been conditioned and gotten used.

For my previous post on chai, you can click here.

With so many holiday teas to try I just know the next few weeks and into the new year are only going to get better.  I fully expect to be writing about something breathtaking next week. I’m all for it.

I sincerely hope your holiday season has been one of comfort, joy, and a strong feeling of community.

Stay warm and stay healthy.





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