Gingerbread Goodness


This will be the last post for the year and there won’t be any end of year recaps.  I’m sentimental but not in that way.

Instead, we’re headed into the homestretch with the Celestial Seasonings portion of the articles.


The penultimate choice in this collection of seasonal and holiday favorites is the Gingerbread Spice.


At first this tea didn’t do anything for me.   As always it smelled great upon the opening of the package.  The ginger and cinnamon came out like a house of fire.  I was so eager to brew this thing and get my day started off properly.

It started slow, much like many things in the morning, but it picked up by the moment.   Maybe I’ve been spoiled by some amazing teas by Celestial and other awesome companies.   However, this tea is a grower and deceptively creeps on you after a couple of minutes.


It’s probably for the better.  Too much cinnamon, too much ginger, and perhaps too much of anything can be counter-productive.  This is a peaceful sipping tea that I took my time with.   But shouldn’t they all be drank in comfort and peace?

As with other cups from other brands, there were times where I got a lot of flavor and some where I got none at all.   This is part of the all encompassing fun with the whole tea drinking experience.  No two sips are exactly the same.   Pretty cool I know.

I must admit the packaging gets me every time.  These two gingerbread friends (or lovebirds?) seem to really be enjoying themselves.  The holidays might be over but they don’t seem to care.

I’ve raved about the designs of their packages before and was glad to see they have a whole section dedicated to their artwork.  This is an enjoyable read.

I just took another sip and this one hit the spot.   With anything, never judge or presume anything initially.   Sometimes things take time to develop and blossom into something extraordinary.  On the contrary, some teas are doomed from the start, but this is not one of them.  This one was some longevity.   It’s a favorite that can be enjoyed into the cold winter months ahead.

What I take from this is a source of comfort and solace.  And that’s sometimes all you can ask for.

With their previous teas, not too many flavors is what helps.  Keeping it simple and knowing what you’re going to get makes this very precious.

A few frosted mini gingerbread join the party but didn’t last too long.  The pairing was perfect.  It’s a cold morning as I write this, so the situation is fitting.

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And for a previous ginger tea review, click here.

One last tea from the Celestial Seasonings package is coming.  Have I saved the best for the last?  They’ve all been stand-outs in their own way, so we shall see.

Any general questions about Celestial can hopefully be answered here.

And like in previous posts I have included a link on purchasing teas and a store locator.

I wish you all a great rest of your holiday season.  I know for many it can be full of commotion and go at a frenetic pace.  Hopefully you got to enjoy yourself and will continue to do so into the new year.

Take good care.



12 thoughts on “Gingerbread Goodness

  1. Hi to you both; I tend to feel the world ribbing me since I will not keep quiet about things; that right to remain silently ignorant, I tend to discard time and again. Anyhow, it snowed here in Massachusetts and I am at library after waiting for it to open for several hours at a doorway at a Walmart store since I don’t drive; I must wait around after being dropped off early in the morning. Such is my life for not trying to help and better myself. I did bring with me the remainder prints that I had done from Celestial Seasonings; and I hope to paint one of them here at the library. Others can write and do research and do many things; all I do is walk in the rain and snow and now I hope to color some dragon and princess and have it turn agreeably nice. They say paintings and drawings depicts the psyche of some; so hopefully the colors I use will depict how inadequate I am for living and possibly the after life as well. I am simply not fit and don’t want to mature and change because I don’t see the point. We always measure things and yet those functioning simply do so by repeating of tasks. I am guilty for being repeatedly stubborn and I am not even good at this either. Lovely New Year to everyone.


  2. I avoid spicy teas. I gotta stick to cooling and relaxing herbs.
    The two I do like are Good Earth Sweet and Spicy and Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice — but in the morning, and one cup only, because hot and heartburn, lol!

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