OC Oolonging


Christmas came early and it came a little late.   Early as in the tea I’m writing about today was an early present.  Later because I just brewed some today and it’s magnificent.

The Mountain Copper Oolong from Ocean City Coffee Company is an absolute prize.

When I remember drinking tea with my dad, with close relatives, and dear friends, this is a tea that comes to mind.  It’s getting colder and the sipping is going to escalate.  It’s a source of comfort, peace, and coziness.

It’s January and the holidays are over so there may be a lull in between seasons. But that’s if I or if anyone allows for situations to be boring.

This is the perfect opportunity to try new teas, new blends, and new flavors.   I am so lucky to have been given access to a tea and company I didn’t know existed.

The first thing I got when opening the sleek package was a scent that is out-of-this-world.  You’ve got to be kidding me.    Buttery aroma is spot on.  I could smell something phenomenal and no matter what the nose is to you, it’ll rock your world.  I’m pretty confident in that.

And the leaves are visually stunning as well.  Beauteous.

I brought out my old friend the Tovolo Tea Infuser for this brewing party. It was a party I took my time to enjoy.  I didn’t leave early or stay too late.  But I never wanted it to end.   The celebration will be ongoing as I can look back at this post and revel in that.  I will be making plenty of savory cups again as the temperature continues to plummet and I look for serenity during this time.

Oolong is a tea I will be having more of, especially after this.  That color is phenomenal.  If that’s what copper looks like in liquid form, I want more of it.


I took my sweet time drinking this.   And usually I may enjoy it with a unhealthy snack or sweet treat, but this was perfection on its own.   This just hit me like a good tea can. Sometimes a great anything will do that to you.   Where can I get more of this?

Well a list of all their products for online purchase can be found here.  The amazing tea I just praised and all others can be found here, there, and everywhere.

Here is their contact information.  I will write them too and tell them how awesome they are.  In case they don’t see this.

This will not be the last time I write about them.  I don’t live too far away so if a drive to visit needs to happen.  I will make that a priority.

The new year is off to an awesome start in my world of teas.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thanks so much,



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