Almond Joy


For folks in the Northeast, you know we got leveled over the weekend.  I’m not a fan of the snow.  I never will be.  I’ve learned to adapt to it in some ways.   But honestly I freak out with the best (or worst) of them.

I ski now so I have some affinity for it.   But it’s minute.  Give me warm, sunny skies all year round over what we just endured.

To my relief, I was able to leave the house yesterday.  Those little things I take for granted like going to the store, the bank, the gas station, all became so important to me yesterday. You know what else is important?  A nice cup of tea.  And I went to a place I don’t go to often enough.  It’s the taken for granted aspect in play again.

This brings me to Coffee Coffee of Bel Air, MD.    No coffee on this day.  It’s a necessary evil in my life.  However, it’s not something I love nor would dedicate to writing about.

I walked in and the energy was small-town and community feeling.  That’s always favorable and heartening.  And on day of freedom it’s enhanced to a much higher state.

I look around at their loose teas selection and what stood out immediately?  The Snowflake. I’m not sure if that was there strategically or happenstance.  But I had to chuckle.   I am giving this weather too much credit and allowing it to affect my life, where it shouldn’t.


Nevertheless, a black tea with coconut and almond sounds soothing and inspiring on this day.   I opened the jar to get a scent, and the nose tasted just like a candy bar you might have heard of.   It’s the title of this post if you weren’t sure.


I was eager to try it and still relieved to be out, that just about anything was going to taste wonderfully.


A cinnamon and raisin scone was ordered to go with my cup.

The sips tasted more like almond biscotti, which is not something to sniff at.  This is not a complaint.  It was fantastic.  And I took my sweet time enjoying this cup.

You might be able to see the sun shining in some of these angles.  It was bright and it was voluminous.  I was a happy guy.  I wasn’t ready to go anywhere.  I think I spent a good 30 minutes in there enjoying myself.


Look at the bottom. Heavenly.


The scone was a bit filling so I wasn’t able to complete that part of the party. But the tea I could expound on forever.  But I’ll end it there.  It’s great and I highly recommend it.


If you’re in the vicinity, the shop is definitely worth a visit.

Here is their menu and their various products for sale in the shoppe.

I see they have a customer appreciation day coming up this Thursday, January 28th. That’s always something to look forward to.   I would like to become a regular first before partaking in an event.   Even though my visits have been a few, I am becoming a stalwart. Maybe the next one.

I need to harp on this point again.  Whenever the people are friendly they deserve to be acknowledged.  Every time I’ve stopped in, it’s been nothing but friendly faces and accommodating service.

I’ll be back soon, when the weather is even better.



8 thoughts on “Almond Joy

  1. You are right! Times like this remind us of being grateful about little things in life, learn to enjoy each other’s company without all the million distractions out there and how to truly enjoy a nice warm cup of tea!


  2. Massachusetts did not get much snow; well I should say Leominster, MA; we were spared it seem like; nothing from this last storm. I do agree with taking little things for granted as I was able to do some coloring for meditative needs this morning. I am calling this one a ‘medley of blue’. I have good days and bad days. It would have been nice to read more of this cup of tea…what was it served mixed with anything like milk or simply the tea and nothing added is the impression I got when reading of this post. Other wise lovely of you to share, hope you don’t mind this latent person. I always feel folks taunting or jabbing me ; women react differently than males; unsure what I mean? The world seem to always be against me and rewarding male of my ethnic group…or males in general. Now I have gone and spoil this lovely triage. To better days, as stated similar above.


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