Lots of Fruit


It’s a new month and the weather is showing signs of life.  And I am grateful for this.   It’s not quite shorts weather but we’re getting there.  I should also appreciate everything that February has to offer.   It’s traditionally the worst month for snow but it’s also the time when we start seeing spring-like products start to show themselves.  And tea is a big part of that.

I feel it’s only right to review a tea that represents the winter well but also contains flavors right in line with the spring-time that is forthcoming.   Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

And with the tea I’m about to discuss, maybe I was.

I take it back to one of my favorite places, Baltimore Coffee And Tea Company, which I’ve written several pieces on before.   Those links are accessible here, or maybe over here, or somewhere far far away, or maybe just right here.

This is from a recent visit to their Baltimore Area location, which is hidden but everyone knows about it.  I love the set-up and the cozy environment.  The friendly faces behind the counter also add to everything.



However, the Della Robia from Eastern Shore Tea was missing everything it was touting it had.  It’s a serviceable black tea but I did not find any plum, pear, orange, and apple that was supposedly in the tea.   And where was the hazelnut?  What I did  get was small samples of what might be fruit or spice, but I don’t know what those may be.

I’m a huge fan of Eastern Shore, so it makes me take a step back when I try a tea of theirs that’s lackluster.  I’m genuinely surprised by this.

My last review I echoed the same sentiments.  What’s going on here?   Otherwise I’ve been championing their products for years.

What you see in the photos is a bacon and chocolate chunk scone.  People are going to love it.  I had an arduous time finishing the pastry as it was very rich for me.  But I’m going to assume I’m in the minority.  And I hope my tea disappointed reviews from here are going to be the exception as well.

And for information on all the teas they carry, go to this link.

For folks in Maryland their store are listed here.  I’ve been to a couple of their shops and it’s always a genuinely good experience.

You can also order online.  Just click on the teas you’re interested in and go from there.

I’ll be back here soon and with all the confidence that the tea will be amazing.






2 thoughts on “Lots of Fruit

  1. Lovely review, perhaps it is because it was teabag as opposed to loose leaf for your not finding all the flavors mention. You would have to find this tea in loose form and review of it and see if indeed they exist. Bacon and Chocolate scone sounds enticing enough as well; yet it seem small and could’nt be finished. Well then, chock this review as ‘not a good blend to this palette.’ if asking for a title.

    Take care and thank you for sharing all the way from Maryland. The Alzheimer’s Association is in Maryland as well; they wrote me a thank you note with request for more donation recently; don’t figure. Sorry for going on, it’s habitual of me or I. Bye.

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