Happy Early Spring


This post, along with this weather, is necessary.

I haven’t been at my best this winter.  I think the same goes for some of my peers.   And then there’s folks who loved it.  I wasn’t one of them.   There is so much good about every season.  But this one was a bit tougher for me.  I can’t pinpoint just one thing.

However, the shorter days and gloomier skies didn’t help.   Thankfully that’s about to come to an end.

All stresses and headaches go away when you spend time with the people you care about.  I got to do that recently.

I’m grateful to be friends with people from all walks of life.   And a couple of weeks back, I was lucky to pay a visit to one of those dear friends.    With great friends comes great generosity.  Immediately upon arrival I was greeted with open arms and offered an assortment of teas.


This time I went with a brand I’ve rarely had.   I had the privilege of sampling the Rasberry Flavor Black Tea from Barrington.   It was perfect for the occasion and symbolic of the fun that the Spring and Summer months will bring.

It’s by no means the greatest tea I’ve ever had, but it worked perfectly here.  It settled my stomach (which has been bothering me most of the winter) and relaxed me.   The whole point of tea is to enjoy it in peace.  I’ve had plenty of cups in solitude but at this moment, it was perfect to have some great company.   It was in perfect alignment with how the season is transforming.


For me this cup was representative of feeling good and healing.   It’s an analogy and a metaphor.   It’s also a time for hope and prosperity.  That’s what Spring means to me.


That’s it for the emotional and sappy commentary.   Did I mention I had a delicious pie?  The picture says more than I ever could.  The polarity between my cup and the dessert makes me laugh.   They complemented each other well and that’s all that matters. The tea steeped fast and radiated a reddish Raspberry tone that soothed me to my core. My pie (and the fruits that encompass it) were the perfect comfort food.   In times of healing and restoration, everything we do counts.  And that includes what we choose to feed ourselves.

I will end the introspection for now and suggest you get some of their teas.  I’ve seen it sold in multiple retailers and grocery stores.

Here’s their contact info if you have further questions.

I write this with a feeling of ease and contentment.  I believe more amazing teas and experiences are going to ensue as it gets warmer.  I’m exhilarated.

All The Best,




11 thoughts on “Happy Early Spring

  1. Thanks for making me aware of this tea brand: Barrington. Lovely post. With regard to the weather; in New England one can’t ever know; it is spring and it can be cold or hot; like our moods…temperamental. It nice to have friends, good for you.

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