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It’s almost Spring. I feel it took a lot longer to get here than usual.    Finally, the days are getting longer and temperatures are getting higher.   However, while we’re still in the winter I’d like to write about some teas that are custom-made for this season.

I throw it back to one of mine (along with many others) favorites, Harney & Sons. Their hot cinnamon spice is one of their most popular and beloved flavors.  I can understand why.  This one hits the spot in a multitude of ways.

Most importantly, the health benefits of cinnamon have been documented.  And there’s so much to celebrate.

Secondly, it just tastes good.  Yet I wonder if the artificial flavors are what’s adding to the amazing taste.  Was it necessary?  I’m questioning out of curiosity.   I expect this to be stellar with our without the additives.   The orange and especially the cloves add a lot to an already masterful tea.

I got the largest cup I could, so I could savor each sip by the moment.  And I took my time.   Because cinnamon is so flavorful I felt one bag was enough.  That’s how I took my  tea initially.   Yet I can’t help myself.   Common sense dictates the largest size gets you double.  So I threw in the second and felt like I got hit with a bomb.  It opened up some tastes buds and senses that may not always get exposure.

This is where the artificial flavors might be justified.  A major positive is there are no sugars.   I purposely waited till later in this post to mention that.  I wasn’t trying to be ironic.

I’ve always preferred my teas with nothing added unless it’s natural.   For me, the whole point of drinking tea has been to enjoy it with nothing else thrown it to undermine its health benefits.    Yet throwing some cinnamon, honey, or other natural joys is something I’ve down from time-to-time.

I’m grateful to try a tea that has already included the appropriate additions like so many of the tremendous brands do.


I enjoyed my cup with a not-so-healthy bagel sandwich.  Well it was a power sandwich. Since my sandwich was loaded with vegetables, and my favorite pesto spread. I tell myself everything is fine.  It’s still winter so I still love my comfort food.  Who am I kidding? Comfort is a year-round thing.


It’s nowhere near as bad as ordering a super-sized meal with a diet cola.  Well that’s how I justify it.  Whoops.

I think I’m as crazy as this winter has been.  It’s a year with a leap month, so the goofiness ensued.  Another reason I’m thankful Spring is coming.  It’s been a season to remember but I’m ready for some sunnier skies and enjoyable outdoor activities.

The teas will represent the changes in weather and the lifting of our spirits.

For more on this amazing company, here is my inaugural recap.

Along with their site, you can go to these familiar links to procure their teas.

Happy first day of meteorological spring!



10 thoughts on “Harney & Such

  1. I absolutely LOVE Harney and Sons. My favorite bagged tea brands hands down. I used to work for the loose leaf tea franchise, Teavanna, and they listed “artificial flavors” in their tea as well BUT it didn’t actually mean “synthetic” like we would mean. If there was a banana flavor, you couldn’t put actual bananas into loose leaf tea so they would combine flavors of nuts and other dried fruits to make the “artificial” flavor of banana. I wonder if Harney and Sons does the same?!


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