Hitting The Reset Button


I read other blogs from time to time and catch a glimpse into a person’s life.  As much as the subject matter is most important, we can’t help but talk about ourselves.  There is no right or wrong to that.  It’s our blogs.  Whatever we say is our discretion.  And as long as we’re not hurting anyone, I say do what you do.

I had asked a dear friend for any suggestions on what to write about this week.  I always have a block of ideas for weeks like this, but nothing resonated with me.  Either that or the teas don’t apply to winter or to anything.

The holidays are over and that means the teas will have a more winter theme, but they could be about anything.  But I want it to be just right.

My friend suggested writing about turmeric, and Numi in particular.   I liked the sound of everything I was hearing.

Then I got that ring of familiarity.  As if I had come across it before. Lo and behold, nearly 6 months ago today I wrote this post.  But this was in the Summer. And turmeric is best suited for the colder months, in my opinion.  But don’t listen to me, these teas are meant to be enjoyed the whole year.  If we have health issues that need tending, something that might taste funny on a 80+ degree today might just be what the tea Gods ordered.

That was the Amber Sun.  Fortunately for me, there is another turmeric tea from the good people at Numi, and I jumped all over it.  Today I present to you the unique and gorgeous Three Roots.

I’m under the weather.  I think months (maybe a couple years) of being spread so thin has finally caught up with me.   The holidays not withstanding, this goes back longer.

I just have not been one to sit still much.  It’s in my best interest to do so.  As much as I like to say I stay home more (and there’s been stretches of that), I like the company of my friends and all the activities that come with it.   I love drinking wine, and unfortunately I love eating food that I should have in limited doses.

To contrast that, I also work out a lot, but I do it more than necessary. And worse than that, my sleep patterns have been at the worse they’ve ever been.  However, like with anything, our bodies get used to it.  It’s an adrenaline kick that seems like it has no expiration date.

That’s over for now.   I think it has all finally caught up to me.  That and the weather patterns are there for the cold or for the flu.   I’m quite clueless as to what I might have.  I tend to just live life as if I’m happy and healthy.  Right now I’m not sure I’m either.

Thankfully this is on a holiday and the stresses are lessened.  I hope so at least.  Since it’s been post Christmas, the commotion has died now.  But it’s let me with a sense of needing that next dose of excitement.  It’s time to take it down a couple of notches.

Aside from purchasing the Three Roots tea, I haven’t left my house.  And it feels ok.  But it took being under the weather for this to happen.

I’ve been laying in bed all day.  I’ve been unable to move.  But I understand that the body and mind are just trying to heal themselves.  It’s resetting itself.  I also know that I’m not as young as I once was.  It’s a must to take it easy.   I worry a lot, I am all over the map, and none of this is constructive.


It took whatever energy I had left to make this tea.  And I’m so grateful I finally did.


This is not the best tasting tea nor did I expect it to be.  But what it was, is going to lead me into the continued healing process.  My dear pal suggesting this tea and me being as out of it as I am, is no accident.  These things connect.  And this tea connected me to a spiritual place I’ve not encountered in a long time.  Well maybe I have, but I just wasn’t aware of it.


I made two cups and without realizing it took my sweet time with both.  When you are humbled and have less energy, it’ll force yourself to adjust.  Like an old man, I was starting at a wall, with nothing but my thoughts.  I’m contemplating things.   What those things are, are between me and the universe.  But this tea did something to me.


And that golden brown color is worth the price of purchase alone.  It tastes bitter but it’s supposed to. The combination of turmeric, ginger, rose, and licorice is my best friend right now.


The health benefits of turmeric have been widely documented.  I  hope I’m the recipient of some as I pray I get some of the best sleep of my life, and wake up tomorrow resuming the healing process.

Here is a store locator on where you can find all their amazing teas.  You can also shop online at your convenience.  Like I said in June, with Numi, we’re just getting started.

It was just me, my thoughts, and my cat (I love her so much) when sipping this tea.  When you can barely move, you start being thankful for all the things you do have.  It shouldn’t come to this where this is where you show gratitude.  But here I am.

It’s time to take it easy.

Stay Healthy,






It’s The Holiday Season


I make myself laugh sometimes.  Which holiday?  It’s almost becoming comical the signs I see all around me.   You might see  them too.   On the date of this post will be a full moon. You can’t write this stuff folks.  Well actually I’m gonna write anyways.  More on this in a few paragraphs.

Additionally, maybe you’re away on vacation or as some pals call it, holiday.  It’s the Summer, enjoy.  We should enjoy all year round even if the occasion doesn’t match the weather or the time frame.  This leads us to my second annual Christmas In July post.  I can’t just reference an anniversary without leading you to last years inaugural post.

Yes I couldn’t resist.  When I was younger I thought it was a nice way to remind us to be good to each other, not just during the holidays, but all the time.  And what better time then when the sun is shining brighter than ever.  Why am I bringing up Christmas? Once again, keep reading…


A little while back, I found myself driving through beautiful Hagerstown, MD.  And when I’m far away from home, I must avoid the chains and find some local flavor.  This brings me to Rooster Moon.  Yes I said moon. Does that get any better?

First let me say that the staff was so down-to-earth.  In a peaceful town like this, I wouldn’t expect anything less.   It seems like the perfect meet-up place for friends to catch up where they otherwise may not.  I was happy being an outsider and absorbing the positive energy.


Numi Tea has always exuded that aura for me, and that’s just from the labels and packaging itself.  But there’s just something about it.  It looks like art.  When I’m at my local supermarket I’m hesitant to buy any.  Well part of that is because my tea cabinet is over capacity.   And even more so, they to be pricier than comparable brands.

My visit to this shop was in June and at the start of this lovely of seasons.   Of course I went with the Amber Sun.  Of course I did.   This tickles me.


With this aura of invincibility I placed on this brand, I expected to be mesmerized.  This was likely my first foray into Turmeric Tea, and this is just the beginning.  I didn’t taste much.  I honestly thought it was a stronger rooibos.  The part I was right now.  We got a little bit of that.  I didn’t taste any honey, cinnamon, or apple.  But that could be in part because I had a splendid cinnamon and brown sugar scone.  It hit the spot.  It may have detracted from the tea.  I can’t say for sure.

I sense I will be sampling more of their teas and expecting to be blown away.   With nothing to compare the Amber Sun too, I’m not sure what the water mark is.  I wasn’t wowed by this tea but Numi has such a reputation, it could be just my taste or it’s only going to get better from here.  And I welcome the adventure.

Either the holidays are starting early or these guys forgot to take their trees down.  The proof is in the amber, or the scones.    Trust me, I’m not complaining.  The view was great inside and out.  This was a charming day all around.  And I dug being on the outside looking in of this strong community.

Whether you celebrate the sun, the moon, or the holidays prematurely, hopefully it will be with some resonating tea and loving company.

We’re just getting started.