Been Too Long

So what does this title mean?  There are teas and brands of teas that crossed my path years ago that I want to get around to talking about.

Some of these teas are a bit more higher end than usual so it’s not always accessible. Fortunately for me, the teas don’t always need to be purchased, but can be found at hotels and places of employment.  For me both were one in the same at a moment in time.


But that’s ancient history.  However, I’ve been way overdue in talking up Harney & Sons.

Their packages and collections are so hard to keep up with (as with many companies), that this will need multiple posts.  And this is exactly what’s going to occur.

Maybe it’s not so much that it’s arduous but it’s a lot of information. There is very valuable nuggets to any tea aficionado or newbie.  This link sheds light on what I’m referring to.


I’ve enjoyed many of their teas but for now I’ll elaborate on one I’ve enjoyed for a number of years, the Tropical Green Tea.

I purchase mine in regular bag form but as you can see, it comes in so many shapes and sizes.  That’s an understatement.    And how they recap and review may seem intimidating at first.  It’s very user friendly and explained in a relatable way that I greatly appreciate.

I love the tropical green.  It’s been challenging finding a tea from them that I don’t like or at worst even tolerate.

My cup paired wonderfully with a lemon poppy seed cake.   It was a great duo and a perfect counterbalance or sweets and a pineapple flavored green tea that’s nowhere near as tart as you might think.

The aroma is more pungent than the actual taste.  But don’t let that fool you. This is a fantastic tea and company worthy of higher prices.  I sincerely mean that. If I have to pay a few dollars more for some quality products, it’s worth the shot.

It’s going to be hard finding flaws with this group.  It won’t be my intend to do so. Yet, all I’ve found so far are positives on top of positives.

Want to know more?  Here is a link to their Fine Teas Guidebook along with contact information on the bottom of their main page.

A lot more deliciousness, warm weather, and joy to come.




5 thoughts on “Been Too Long

  1. I like this review because I tend to prefer Green Tea when those around me prefer black tea or coffee and I am told that I should drink this more so than Green tea as this would help my digestion best. Sorry, if sounding personal.

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  2. I have viewed their teas bundled as you’ve shown at commuter rail in South Station in Boston, MA; so they are high-end and yet available to commuters while waiting for the train.

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  3. I don’t enjoy reviewing or discussing teas daily or even weekly; I am bothered and bored by it; more bothered by everyone and yet it is imagine. I was at Duncan Donuts in Cambridge and they do have their own brand of Green and Black tea; unsure if this shop has them; surely they must, I did not look and I did not wish to be drinking tea while it snowed outside. My trouble is that I feel the world ridiculing me for seeing that I don’t work and do anything all day long; they really see me as a dumb lazy. Probably true and yet another of the same efficacy but of a different ethnic group or a parent or a better human being would be treated must nicely than I; don’t figure.
    I am going on and on; using the space of another; again I am sorry.


  4. That Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice is the best! It’s my go-to, but you make the Tropical Green Tea sound intriguing. I’m not really a green tea fan, but I may have to give that one a shot.


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