An Oldie and A Newbie


I have been championing Twinings Teas for as long as I’ve been drinking the beverage of champions.


A blessing came into my life last week while staying at a hotel.   In the concierge area, they have a lovely spread of fruits and breakfast items.  But most important of all, they had an amazing spread of Twinings.   The display gave me goose bumps.  I’m not joking.

Several cups were enjoyed over my stay, however, I will go one at a time for the sake of brevity.  It’s good to give as much focus on one and save the others for another time.

The Honeybush, Mandarin, and Orange was my first brew and it was a rocker. The ingredients and brewing time can be seen within both tabs and are user-friendly for your enjoyment.  This tea was for my enjoyment.  I loved it and it keeps the tradition of how great these teas have always been and continue to be. It’s just a wonderful cup that helps alleviate any stresses in the world.   That’s tea for you.


One of the reasons I picked this is because it reminds me or Spring and warmer months ahead.  Even the packaging would tell me as such.  It’s beautiful.  And beauty is only a few more weeks away.

Funny how the ingredients list honeybush, natural mandarin, natural orange, and then other natural flavors. Honey, mandarin, and orange, now that’s a trifecta I can get down with.  This isn’t that mandarin orange soda you had when you were a kid and didn’t realize the detriments soft drinks had.  This is natural.  And speaking of which, do you wonder what those natural flavors in this tea are?

When you look at your cell phone or cable bill, they’ll always list other fees at the end of your statement.  We question that but move on don’t we?  I tend to believe seeking of natural flavors has a much more positive connotation.  Interesting analogy I know.  Maybe the mystery and intrigue is what we want.   Either way it’s a winner.


To keep it healthy, I enjoyed it with an apple.  This is my random take on a fruit salad but it worked.


Well enough of the meta and more tea.  This is great and I want more.  And you can have more too.  It’s so easy to order online and locate at your nearby grocery store or shoppe.

Here are the links in the United States to purchase locally and online.

For my pals in the United Kingdom, here you go.

And for the rest of the world, this is an accessible link!

I think I will do another gem from Twinings next week.  For my original post on this legendary company, you can go here.

Thanks so much




12 thoughts on “An Oldie and A Newbie

  1. Thank you for sharing your thought and photos, I am a tea drinker. I like to use loose teas and make my own mix. Your idea of eating a piece of fruit with an herbal cup of tea is something I will try. What a great thought, maybe t’s better than a pastry with my tea.

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