Pomegranate Power


As I promised, I’m continuing and piggybacking on last weeks inspirational Twinings post.

I love Pomegranate and in part because my culture has always embraced this amazing fruit.  I was born in the states and my family is from Iran.  So there’s that connotation. It’s sentimental, it’s family, and it’s love.  I always equivocate it to a holiday, the upcoming Spring season, or in our case, Persian New Year.   Specialty teas for our celebration will be elaborated upon next month.

This wasn’t a life changing cup but this was another strong tea.   I need to remind myself not to have such high expectations unless it’s really called for.   I liked it but I think I wanted some more pomegranate flavor.  But what this might mean is this is a lot more natural than other ‘natural’ teas claim to be.   This is the genuine tea that we stumble upon from time-to-time when you’re not looking.  And seeing is believing or something.

Luckily I was visiting somewhere that had some remarkable Twinings teas.

Happy and healthy was the order of the day.   I paired my cup with some steel cut oat meal with raisins.   I think I just wanted an excuse to write steel cut oat meal in a blog one time. I don’t know why but that term seems funny to me.


My stomach was settled and I felt good the rest of the day.  It was a welcome alternative to the not-so-healthy meals I’ve had in the mornings.  It’s just a matter of getting used to and being good to my stomach.  Our bodies deserve the best treatment.   I believe that’s one of the biggest reasons tea was created.  It’s good to be good to ourselves.

As I expound on this, I think I like this tea more than I realized.  It’s endeared itself to me.

It feels great.  It feels real.  I feel rejuvenated.

For more on where you can purchase this tea, you can go here, there, or maybe you’ve heard of this place.

Spring is coming! Yes!

All The Best,


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