Pomegranate Power


As I promised, I’m continuing and piggybacking on last weeks inspirational Twinings post.

I love Pomegranate and in part because my culture has always embraced this amazing fruit.  I was born in the states and my family is from Iran.  So there’s that connotation. It’s sentimental, it’s family, and it’s love.  I always equivocate it to a holiday, the upcoming Spring season, or in our case, Persian New Year.   Specialty teas for our celebration will be elaborated upon next month.

This wasn’t a life changing cup but this was another strong tea.   I need to remind myself not to have such high expectations unless it’s really called for.   I liked it but I think I wanted some more pomegranate flavor.  But what this might mean is this is a lot more natural than other ‘natural’ teas claim to be.   This is the genuine tea that we stumble upon from time-to-time when you’re not looking.  And seeing is believing or something.

Luckily I was visiting somewhere that had some remarkable Twinings teas.

Happy and healthy was the order of the day.   I paired my cup with some steel cut oat meal with raisins.   I think I just wanted an excuse to write steel cut oat meal in a blog one time. I don’t know why but that term seems funny to me.


My stomach was settled and I felt good the rest of the day.  It was a welcome alternative to the not-so-healthy meals I’ve had in the mornings.  It’s just a matter of getting used to and being good to my stomach.  Our bodies deserve the best treatment.   I believe that’s one of the biggest reasons tea was created.  It’s good to be good to ourselves.

As I expound on this, I think I like this tea more than I realized.  It’s endeared itself to me.

It feels great.  It feels real.  I feel rejuvenated.

For more on where you can purchase this tea, you can go here, there, or maybe you’ve heard of this place.

Spring is coming! Yes!

All The Best,


An Oldie and A Newbie


I have been championing Twinings Teas for as long as I’ve been drinking the beverage of champions.


A blessing came into my life last week while staying at a hotel.   In the concierge area, they have a lovely spread of fruits and breakfast items.  But most important of all, they had an amazing spread of Twinings.   The display gave me goose bumps.  I’m not joking.

Several cups were enjoyed over my stay, however, I will go one at a time for the sake of brevity.  It’s good to give as much focus on one and save the others for another time.

The Honeybush, Mandarin, and Orange was my first brew and it was a rocker. The ingredients and brewing time can be seen within both tabs and are user-friendly for your enjoyment.  This tea was for my enjoyment.  I loved it and it keeps the tradition of how great these teas have always been and continue to be. It’s just a wonderful cup that helps alleviate any stresses in the world.   That’s tea for you.


One of the reasons I picked this is because it reminds me or Spring and warmer months ahead.  Even the packaging would tell me as such.  It’s beautiful.  And beauty is only a few more weeks away.

Funny how the ingredients list honeybush, natural mandarin, natural orange, and then other natural flavors. Honey, mandarin, and orange, now that’s a trifecta I can get down with.  This isn’t that mandarin orange soda you had when you were a kid and didn’t realize the detriments soft drinks had.  This is natural.  And speaking of which, do you wonder what those natural flavors in this tea are?

When you look at your cell phone or cable bill, they’ll always list other fees at the end of your statement.  We question that but move on don’t we?  I tend to believe seeking of natural flavors has a much more positive connotation.  Interesting analogy I know.  Maybe the mystery and intrigue is what we want.   Either way it’s a winner.


To keep it healthy, I enjoyed it with an apple.  This is my random take on a fruit salad but it worked.


Well enough of the meta and more tea.  This is great and I want more.  And you can have more too.  It’s so easy to order online and locate at your nearby grocery store or shoppe.

Here are the links in the United States to purchase locally and online.

For my pals in the United Kingdom, here you go.

And for the rest of the world, this is an accessible link!

I think I will do another gem from Twinings next week.  For my original post on this legendary company, you can go here.

Thanks so much




Twinings Tuesdays


Drinking tea makes me happy.   Sometimes it’s my mind that needs healing.  Sometimes it’s my entire spirit.   And a hot cup will do that.  Ever since I can remember, my dad has had a big hand in educating and indoctrinating me on the joys of sipping.   And one of the first teas he introduced me to was Twinings.

For this posting I sampled the Decaffeinated Earl Grey.  And the flavors and aromas take me back to having a cup with my pop.

How could only two ingredients, decaf black tea and bergamot, taste so good?   I think I just answered my own question. Sometimes two is all you need.  It’s the simple things.   Thankfully this is decaf.  Because as of this writing, I’m three cups in and could drink this all night.   It’s the right balance of sweet, and maybe the slightest hint of bitter.


As soon as I dipped in the bag, the scents were intoxicating.  And how about that beautiful color?


With all the brands of teas popping up, it’s easy for one of the originators to get lost in the shuffle.  Luckily, Twinings has kept up with the times, with new packaging, innovative new teas, and affordable prices.  There’s a reason they have been world renowned and respected for over 300 years.   I get goose bumps thinking about that fact.

This is only the beginning in posting about this legendary company.   They have so many flavors I want to try and as the weather breaks,  And with some of the most user friendly instructions on how to brew perfectly, it’ll encourage me to do just that.


In the meantime, I am enjoying myself with a return of one of my favorite mugs from Assateague Island, and with some yummy Cadbury Eggs.   This is the perfect post holiday treat!   And I find this to be the perfect way to relax and settle my stomach after overdoing with unhealthy foods this past weekend.

I hope you all had a tremendous holiday.  Here’s to a happy and healthy warm weather season!