A Better Way To…


Way back in time, I wrote about Wawa, and all the goodness that it brings.   Kids of all ages that have ever visited one of their stores (locations can be found herelocations can be found here) or heard about one, know of the aura that Wawa has.  There’s no overstating this, I find happiness here, that I don’t find just anywhere.  And there’s happiness to be found anywhere and everywhere…


I would have to give myself enough time to write about every tea, coffee, latte, and everything in between that Wawa has to offer.  And that’s just counting for the fall season, let alone everything else.  The photo above is just the beginning, and everything else is great too.  Yes, this story will be loaded with heavy biases, and I’m proud of that fact.

On average I’m here at least five times a week.  That isn’t an exaggeration.  I’m fortunate to be near a half-dozen or so stores/filling stations just within driving distance, and many more in the area, that I’m never without my Wawa.

Three plus years was way too long to get back to talking about one of the best places in the whole wide world, so let’s get to it…


The Hot Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea is more on the lighter side, and that’s just the way I wanted it.  In many past stories I’ve elaborated on why I feel this can be too rich and too aggressive for my tastes.  As we approach comfort food, comfort drink, and comfort everything this season, a little richness never hurt anybody.  But when it comes to chai I want it light, I always want it light, and I want it just like this.

What’s beautiful about the drink choices (and pretty much most of the food choices as well…) is that it’s built to order at your fingertips.  I know a lot of places have instituted this, but I would like to think Wawa was first, and the greatest of all time.  I warned you about biases!


You have your options of milk and whether or not you want whip cream.   Their recommendations are shown to you, but you can come up with whatever makes you happy.  Almond milk makes he happy. Yay!  With the chai I kept it real simple as opposed too…


The Iced Pumpkin Maple Harvest Latte is full on commotion and chaos, no not really, it’s a heavy drink.  I got it iced and with whip cream on top.  And if you think I finished this one in one setting, you would be right.  Actually no, this one took a long time and my stomach said no thank you.  But the truth is, it’s good, but it’s not for everyone.

Maple has somewhat caught up to pumpkin in terms of all the fall concoctions that you can make out of these two autumnal entities (not sure it that made sense).   This isn’t a knock on the drink at all.  I ordered this deliberately to counterbalance the chai tea.


While I like it, and it’s not necessarily for me, it easily could be something you will enjoy.  I’m all about trying something different.  And their menu has something available for all to enjoy.


I love Wawa.  Wait, did I already say that?  But it’s the truth.  Since the first time I set foot into one up to earlier today, I always enjoy a visit.  I get excited when I drive past one or a see a sign on the highway for one of my favorite places.  I still get the warm and fuzzies, and feel like a kid in this store.  And this is before I even walk in.

These warm feelings of love are heightened as we are officially (maybe?) into the fall beverage season, and fully appreciate right now and what’s to come.


I look forward with what’s to come, but for now, I love Wawa.  Always have and always will.

Peace Be With You.



Matcha The Year


Everything has a reason, has its place, and has its well something.  I think I’ve said this before and said it in these exact words in this universe or another.  I can’t say for sure.  But what I do know is it feels good to be noticed, and it feels good to be acknowledged, and then it feels good to noticed.  I know I just said that.

I had my eyes set on writing about iced tea today, and this may go on for a while.  I make no promises or guarantee, but that’s what my heart is telling me.  So there may be more than just the weekly post at some points.  I can only hope.

But today just felt right and felt so good.. At my local supermarket the choices are endless, the possibilities might make you freeze a little (if you let it), and overthinking may lead to the wrong, or sometimes the best decision of you life.

Yes that was meant to be as dramatic as it sounded.

Someone noticed how intense I was with my bottled tea search. I mean I could not make up my mind.  This is where the multiple posts may come in.  I love what I ended up with.

And it was this suggestion that made the answer easier for me.  I’m all for ideas.  Sometimes they come to me, sometimes I do flip a coin, and sometimes it’s the outside world that say just go with it.  Here we go…

So this person, who requests they remain anonymous, was intrigued by the bottled teas from ITO EN (which I did write about in a different place and time nearly three years ago, but the article seems to have lost something, literally).

I love how things work out like how they should.  I have a love for many things Japan, I love Matcha, I love this brand, and per everything that’s been going on the past few weeks, I hope someone gets the not-so-obscure reference of my title.  If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to ask.  No, I mean you can really ask me! 🙂


The two drinks I’ll discuss are the Matcha Love Japanese Matcha & Ginger,  and then the Ice-Steeped Cold Brew Slightly Sweet Lemon Matcha & Green Tea.

All the ingredients and information has been presented to you in the links above and in pictures.


I do think that if you aren’t a fan of matcha and ginger, you aren’t going to love the former.  This is best served iced, and served cold.  I’m overstating the obvious but it can only help if you are looking to try something else.  I enjoy it but understand this is an acquired taste, and if you can’t drink it then I wouldn’t force the issues.

I don’t know what else to compare it too. I like it, but that’s because I love matcha and all the properties and benefits that come with it.  That harsh taste comes with so much goodness on the other side.  And I’ve grown to adore it.  No sugars necessary. The best ingredients in the world (purified water, organic green tea, organic matcha, and ginger root) will do anyone a world of favors.  So if you want to try, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

Yet at $2.50 it may be steep for some, but it’s worth a little extra investment.


Same can be said for the slightly sweet. The cane sugar and organic lemon make this perfect for the spring, summer, and yes right now.  I say that a lot, but it’s true.  This is for the moment.  The sugar content is low enough, yet just sweet enough that this will make any sweet tooth happy.

Both these drink are to be savored, appreciated, and should be consumed in a way that makes you feel good, otherwise there’s no point.

There’s a soul and magic to this that I want to explore further.  And as you can see, there’s no shortage of products from this charming company.

To find them at another store near you, click here. 

Additionally, you can order everything online.

Beautiful. All of this is beautiful.  Five stars and above.  This is a matcha and would be a main eventer at any party or gathering in the world.

Take good care.





Happy December

That was quick.  With such little turnaround from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we are now fully entrenched in the holiday season.

I already miss the pumpkins and I was missing it even while still fully involved in all the teas and delicacies.  But I can’t pine forever so I not-so-quietly move on to some hot ones that fit in the mold of this season, or I hope.


Celestial Seasonings has always been a go-to and a staple in my collection. And for the many years I’ve been sipping  I’ve only been seldom disappointed in their brand.

Just recently, they’ve gone through another metamorphosis in their packaging.   I adore and am very found of the new look.  To me it’s bohemian yet contemporary. It just has this appearance about it that I’m drawn to.   I don’t know if it’s the font, the photos, or something beyond. I’ll get to more of that in a little bit.

I was once again back at my local supermarket knowing I was going to focus on teas for the winter months, and with this being December, a emphasis on the holidays and Christmas.

Their collection of holiday teas is enough for its own temporary blog and possibly bonus posts.  But I digress and as always to intend to focus on one or just a select few (if this situation justifies it) per article.


This week I went with the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and without any hesitation the package sold me.   I understand the artwork depicts sugar cookies as people on a sleigh being pulled by more reindeer cookies.  I don’t care if makes me feel something and even just the little something is enough.


I wanted to like this.  I so wanted to like this.  But this was an ambitious selection. A tea that’s going to taste like sugar cookies you might think would be artificial, but not here.

There is no caffeine which is just fine.  I drank this in the evening and no need to be wide awake if the occasion doesn’t call for it.

But the ingredients tell an interesting story.   I love vanilla bean and orange peel, I thought both would really elevate this tea to wonderful heights and evoke that sugar cookie sentimentality.  That didn’t happen.

Maybe seeing barley included maybe should have raised an eyebrow.  I am not opposed to it but it’s never a taste I’ve overly been enthusiastic over.

The tea bags itself did permeate with cookie goodness but that didn’t last long.   The steeping process gave an interesting clear color that emulated the look and feel of said sweet treat.  But the smell wasn’t as appealing while brewing.


I couldn’t finish my cup.   I think the tastes were few-and-far between. There were times I honestly felt like I was just drinking a cup of hot water and that was it.  I got hints of a sugary sweet taste but those weren’t frequent and maybe I tricked my head and mouth into thinking as much.   The barley really dominated everything else.


I had a nice arrangement of chocolates and cookies I was going to enjoy them with but no dice.  Hopefully next time. Santa seemed happy regardless.   I wanted to be happy too.


I was sad about that.  I really wanted to enjoy this but that didn’t happen. This is not going to deter me in any way.   The season is long and I will be writing about teas like this going into early next year.  But let me live in the present moment.   I will be writing about this amazing company again very soon.

And I hope to expound on all the good they have done the joy they’ve brought into my life.  My inaugural post on them reflects this notion.

Happy Holiday Season!